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The WSPD- Student Advocacy Mentoring Program (StAMP) Fund

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) conducts a Congressional Advocacy Day (Public Policy and Advocacy Conference) in Washington D.C., annually which takes place during the month of March. The AAPD encourages residents in pediatric dentistry programs to attend these Advocacy Days and will cover some meal costs. State pediatric dental organizations and/or residency programs may also help to fund some of the costs to attend. 
The purpose of Advocacy Day is to give our student members the experience and opportunity to participate in strengthening the voice of dentistry on behalf of children's oral health at the national level. Advocacy efforts placing oral health at the forefront for health policy deliberations are very important for all of us to support. AAPD Advocacy Days also serve to continue building Congressional relationships which is a critical part of advocacy and grass roots efforts. 
At the September 2016 meeting of the Western Society of Pediatric Dentistry (WSPD) Board of Trustees, a vote was taken and passed to establish a Student Advocacy Mentoring Program (StAMP) fund to support residents from WSPD residency programs to attend the AAPD- Congressional Advocacy Days. The support would be limited to 2-hotel room nights per selected resident.
A Call for Applicants will be announced annually and the candidates will be selected by the individual pediatric residency programs. StAMP Fund recipients from each of the WSPD programs will be chosen independently by the Program Director or his/her designee. Limited to ONE resident per state/province.
  • Enrollment in a WSPD Pediatric Dentistry Residency program
  • Resident to submit to Program Director a Personal Statement of why s/he would like to be considered
  • Program Director or his/her designee to select resident candidate
  • Names of selected candidate(s) to be submitted to WSPD by December 1
  • Candidates submitted to AAPD by January 1
SPECIFICATIONS:  TWO- HOTEL ROOM NIGHTS for each resident* selected; up to Seven(7) residents
*RESIDENT –One resident selected from each of the WSPD Pediatric Dentistry programs, Nevada (UNLV), Oregon, Utah, the Lutheran Programs (One (1) student will be selected from the 5- programs (AK, AZ, HA, WA, San Diego), California (One (1) student will be selected from the state), Washington, and British Columbia.

For information contact:
Oariona Lowe, DDS, MA, MPH
WSPD President

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